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Helping you returning to an active life

Swibrace has invented the concept of Patient-Specific Anatomical Braces (PSAB), perfectly adapted to the patient’s morphology. These light and elegant yet resistant braces, contrarily to plaster or synthetic casts, are not cumbersome and don’t constrain the limb. So, some function remains possible with the brace, including light sport. Yet, PSAB offers improved contention of the limb.

Finding a tailor-made solution for you to continue to be active while you are healing from your injury

Our Mission

Swibrace offers a new paradigm of orthopaedic immobilization.

Our Vision

Our goal is to bring innovation to patients by offering more comfortable and aesthetic casts: 3D printed ones that will return your smile.



Frédéric Schuind, MD, PhD

CEO and Co-Founder
Frédéric brings his medical expertise in orthopaedics-traumatology and hand surgery. He is an emeritus professor of orthopaedics and surgery at the Université Libre de Bruxelles.

Loïc Voillat

Software Engineer
Loïc brings his knowledge and expertise in software engineering. He develops digital solutions to solve medical issues.


Clémence Hermann

Business Developer
Clémence foresees Swibrace’s development, advises and helps evaluate different business proposals. She also looks for partners and customers.


Edmond Sula

QA and R&D Manager
Edmond reviews and approves technical reports and qualifications for the development group and projects.

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Rita Longobardi

Communications Manager
Rita is in charge of overseeing internal and external communications, across all digital and media platforms.

Jérôme Vonlanthen

Software developer
Jérôme brings his knowledge and expertise in designing and maintaining software systems.

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