Swibrace SA

We offer a new paradigm for fracture treatment using personalised anatomical braces to improve patient care. 

Our patented anatomical brace accommodates post-traumatic swelling maintaining a perfect reduction and avoiding surgery.

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Thanks to advanced technology, Swibrace develops a lightweight, moisture-resistant and washable brace.


Unbeatable resistance combined with unequalled comfort, our brace effectively protects the pain and avoids risks associated with surgery.


Finely done, the personalised brace allows the patient to maintain autonomy and to perform daily activities.


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    Attelle sur mesure imprimée en 3D


    Swibrace: une attelle fribourgeoise pour éviter la chirurgie aux séniors

“Primum non nocere” (First, do not harm)

Medical therapeutics should not be harmful to patients. At Swibrace, we care about patient safety and we believe we can overcome problems faced with the actual treatment of common fractures, using advanced technologies. Thanks to its founder, Swibrace disposes of unique orthopedic expertise and easy access to medical experts.



Frederic Schuind

CEO & Orthopedic surgeon

Charlotte Raemy

Business Developer

Edmond Sula

Mechanical Engineer

Leonardo Wirz

Computer Engineer

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