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Swibrace Secures European Patent for Innovative Brace Design

We have recently acquired a European patent for our innovative brace design. This represents an essential advancement in Swibrace’s commitment to healthcare technology. This development is particularly notable in the context of 3D printing’s growing role in medical applications, where customization and precision are crucial.

Acknowledgement of Collaborative Efforts

The achievement was made possible with the support of Ronald Noll from ABREMA Agence Brevets et Marques. His expertise and guidance were instrumental in navigating the complex patent acquisition process.

Future Outlook

With this patent, Swibrace reinforces its dedication to innovation in healthcare technologies. The company is committed to continuing its research and development efforts in this field.

Additional Information

For a detailed understanding of Swibrace’s patented technology and insights into their future projects, interested parties can access the official patent document at Swibrace Patent Document.

Swibrace looks forward to further advancements in healthcare technologies, continually striving to improve patient care and treatment methodologies.

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